Our Story


How It All Began

We are two passionate and dedicated chocolatiers.
Eager to go deep into the art of chocolate-making we travelled all across the world to find something special,
that will completely satisfy our sophisticated taste in Cocao! No compromises were ever accepted.

After the years of searching the differences in Cocoa, we finally settled in Vietnam, where European craftmanship was combined with
Vietnamese Cocao, to create truly magnificent Vietnamese Chocolate! We found this country unique culture and traditions so rich in colours and flavours,
that it perfectly matched our vision of natural chocolate taste.

5 years ago we had planted our first trinitario and criollo cocoa trees, while they were growing we started fair trading with our first 50 local farmers.
This is how FIFTY FRESH FARMS appeared. Now we have got more than 2000 hectors of land all seeded with cocoa trees,
but we still support those, with whom we started.

So every single product we make we share our joy and inspiration living in this diverse enviroment. We found our way to impact the world through making natural artisanal products translating the naturality and the unsurpassed flavours of it's origin.

We just happened to make great chocolate here.

Our Team

Fifty Fresh Farms Family

We are an international team of people from all over the globe,
with diverse skill sets and an open mind to create the best products possible

Emily Wegner


Kerry Marsh

Plant Manager

Clem Dawson


Fran Blake

Vice President

Erica Welsh

Why we do what we do

Our mission

Our mission is to create the freshest products of Vietnamese origin to show the world all of her magnificent and diverse flavours.
Our inspiration comes from nature and her truly beautiful, life-giving nourishments.

We believe in being environmentally friendly and to leave a minimum footprint, so to ensure a wonderful future for the next generations.
All our products are natural with no chemical additives to get the freshest taste and maximum health benefits.

We support local farmers to develop sustainable farming methods as well as developing our own network of farms.

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