90% Dark Chocolate

90% Dark Chocolate

How is dark chocolate made?

High quality dark chocolate is made from cacao mass (grind up cacao beans) and sugar. Sometimes extra cacao butter is added to give extra creamy mouth feel.

Our 90% dark chocolate:

Our dark chocolate is made from hand selected cacao beans from Vietnam and is roasted to perfection by our master roaster. We only use cacao mass, cacao butter and sugar to keep our chocolate pure and healthy. Our dark chocolate is extra creamy because we use extra cacao butter and the tasting notes is very high in complexity.

Tasting notes:

Our 90% dark chocolate tasting notes consist of



  1. 800 gram

    It’s a perfect choise…

  2. 85 gram

    This option is an ideal one for…

  3. 31 gram

    If you want to taste the…

  4. 5 gram

    A gourman favourite

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