BonBons Boxes

Each and every bonbon is handmade by our chocolatier with the utmost attention to presentation and taste. A treat for your senses, every piece is not only beautiful but delicious also!

Dark Chocolate:


2.Hazelnut Praline

3.Chile Ganache

4.Matcha Tea

Milk Chocolate:

5.Caramel Cream

6.Malibu Coconut Rum

7.Caramel Peanut


White Chocolate:

9.Baileys Irish Cream

10.Pistachio With Strawberry

11.Coffee Robusta

12.Passion Fruit with Caramel Cream

Exotic 4:

13.Caramel Almond Praline in Dark Chocolate

14.Milk Chocolate Cut Ganache in Dark Chocolate

15.Orange zest + Almond/Coriander Seed Praline in Milk Chocolate

16.Earl Grey Tea Cut Ganache in Milk Chocolate



  1. 16 Pieces Box

    It’s a perfect choise for every truffles gourmet. 12 incredible tastes + 4 exotic flavoured!

  2. 12 Pieces Box

    This option is an ideal to present. Nobody could resist eating our natural smooth chocolate with mindblowing fillings!

  3. 6 Pieces Box

    If you want to taste the most popular BonBons in our collection, so this is your option.

  4. 3 Pieces Box

    An ideal variant to have with a cup of our natural coffee or cacao beverages!


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