Cold-Pressed Cacao Powder

How is Cacao Powder made?

  • Cacao beans contains about 52% cacao butter, when this butter is extracted from the cacao beans, what is left is cacao powder.

Benefits of Cacao Powder:

  • Packed full of anti-oxidants
  • High in Fiber to keep the digestive system healthy
  • High in vitamins and minerals (iron, magnesium, sulfur, etc.)
  • Contains mood enhancing properties to keep the mind healthy
  • Helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular function

Low Quality Cacao Powder:

  • Use of low quality beans with shells still intact. The shells because part of the cacao powder.
  • The beans are pressed under high heat for better cacao butter extraction but causes the cacao powder to lose most of its’ nutrients.
  • Fillers such as soy powder or corn starch is added
  • Artificial flavors and coloring is used to enhance taste and scent

Our Cacao Powder:

Our beans are hand selected and then lightly roasted to enhance the flavor while maintaining all the nutrients. Then the shells are removed and the beans are cold pressed. We extract less cacao butter using this method but we keep all the nutrients. Our cacao powder is 100% pure with no added fillers or chemicals.

Enjoy a healthy cup of hot chocolate and celebrate to your health!



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