Truffle Boxes

All of our truffles are freshly made using our finest chocolate and ingredients that we gather from all over Vietnam. Every piece is handmadeĀ  with the most care and attention to ensure that it will be the best tasting truffle you have ever tasted!

White chocolate Truffles:

1.Coated in Pistachio

2.Coated in our Dark Chocolate

3.Coated in Coconut Shavings

4.Coated in Sunflower Seeds

Milk Chocolate Truffles:

5.Coated in Coconut shavings

6.Coated in Pumpkin Seeds

7.Coated in Peanut

8.Coated in Cacao Powder

Dark Chocolate Truffles:

9.Coated in Cashew nuts

10.Coated in our White Chocolate

11.Coated in Confetti

12.Coated in Coconut shavings



  1. 16 Pieces Box

    It’s a perfect choise for every truffles gourmet. 12 incredible tastes + 4 most popular pieces doubled!

  2. 12 Pieces Box

    This option is an ideal to present. Nobody could resist eating our smooth and naturally buttered truffles!

  3. 6 Pieces Box

    If you want to taste the most popular truffles in our collection, so this is your option.

  4. 3 Pieces Box

    An ideal variant to have with a cup of our natural coffee or cacao beverages!


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